About Me

I'm Bernard Bulaitis.

I was not an especially healthy child and became full-blown asthmatic in my teens. By my forties (I now realise) I had settled into a pattern of laboured dysfunctional breathing ,with my summers ruined by a hay fever that invariably turned into wheezing, coughing and night time asthma.

In my mid-fifties I discovered the Buteyko. method. I have since run 3 marathons, and multiple half marathons. I am fully recovered from asthma, sleep well, and feel fit and healthy in my mid 60s. My life now includes regular meditation, Tai Chi, running, swimming, resistance training, mountain walking, and healthy cooking and eating.

Qualifications include:

Registered Buteyko Breathing Coach

Registered Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer

BA hons, PGCE teacher-training.

It has been quite extraordinary – I have stopped using steroid and blue inhalers for my coughing which has virtually stopped. I have more energy, sleep better and am so relieved not to be taking steroids still.
Nicky O’Donnell – Stroud Green